Tornos Multiswiss Machine

New! Now Offering Tornos MultiSwiss Machining Capabilities

Micro Precision Components continually updates our machine offerings to better serve our customers’ diverse high-precision machining…  read more →

micro size component

Make it Micro!

Recently, Micro Precision Components has expanded our capability in high-volume production by widening the diversity of part geometries and…  read more →

escomatic machine

MPC’s Escomatic Capabilities

One of Micro Precision Components’ core capabilities is high-volume production of high-precision parts. When those parts are low- to…  read more →

electronic connector part

Precision Electronic Connector Manufacturing

Since MPC’s founding, brass, bronze, and steel connectors for the electronic industry have been one of our core businesses. These types of parts…  read more →

precision part drawing

What to Know When Submitting a Precision Machining RFQ

At Micro Precision Components, the process of producing a custom high-precision machine part for our customers begins with the receipt of a Request…  read more →

micro medical component

Materials for Machining Medical Precision Parts

Micro Precision Components has been making high precision metal and plastic parts for the medical industry for more than 25 years. We are able to call…  read more →

Heather Gabriel, Sales Coordinator, Micro Precision Components

Meet Our New Team Members

MPC has had a busy 2022! As we grow, we’ve added three new team members since January, specializing in all parts of our business. Learn more about…  read more →


Achieving Precision Component Aesthetics using Anodization Processes

Following our last post, Micro Medical Components for Cardiac Medicine, about electroplating, a similar process often applied to precision components…  read more →

micro medical component for cardiac medicine

Micro Medical Components for Cardiac Medicine

Micro Precision Components Inc. recently produced a micro component for a customer in the cardiac medicine field exhibiting some of MPC’s key…  read more →

micro component

Micro Precision Components Adds New Capabilities and Services - Milling, Multispindles & More!

Over the last several months we’ve been busy at Micro Precision Components expanding our capabilities and services to meet more of our…  read more →

Titanium for Medical Components

How High Precision Machinists Manage Tough Raw Materials for Medical Components

Raw material plays a critical role in producing MEDICAL implant and device components. The same properties that make machining difficult also make…  read more →

High Precision Gages

High Precision Components for Gages & Instruments

Automotive, robotics/automation, telecommunications, aerospace, molding, metrology, scientific and gas/fluid regulation industries – what do…  read more →

Micro Medical Components

Precision in Medical Components

Nowhere is precision more critical than in medicine.  MPC has been successfully serving the medical industry for decades and continues to grow.…  read more →

Reduced Lead Time

Lead Time Reduced from 6 Months to 10 Weeks

A customer in the security industry who was starting a new project needed to reduce their component production lead times but were using two materials…  read more →

Miniature machined parts

Apples to Apples - Ensuring Quality in Micro Parts

Imagine parts so small that 10,000 pieces fit in a thimble… Imagine the same parts with unique geometry, machine diameters with tolerances of…  read more →

Managed Inventory

How Customized Managed Inventory Can Help Your Business

In our work with clients in the components industry, managing inventory is a critical part of their business.  The precision components we…  read more →

Large Precision Components

Precision Parts - Micro to Macro!

A picture says 1,000 words… MPC’s incredible precision machining capacities range from small to large parts, low to high volume, and…  read more →

Escomatic Machine

The Importance of Quality Swiss Screw Machining

Swiss screw machining uses high precision capability to machine subminiature parts. Often it’s a single spindle cam, Escomatic or CNC machine…  read more →

Micro Precision Components New Logo

MPC has a fresh, new look!

The group here at MPC has been hard at work the last several month in creating a new, updated look that better speaks to our capabilities and what we…  read more →

Five Things You Need to Know About Micro

We occasionally send out email updates to our customers to let them know about our latest capabilities and services. Below is our most recent email…  read more →