Precision Parts Made From Plastics

Found most commonly in the medical field, we work with several types of plastics to machine parts with the same quality and precision as those from metals.

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Examples of Plastic for Precision Parts


PTFE Plastic for precision parts

Polytetrafluoroethylene, or Teflon, is most commonly used for gaskets, valves, rings, seals, and other similar applications. PTFE is softer and therefore not as easily-machined as PEEK or Delrin, but is one of three plastics we see most often.


PEEK plastic for precision parts

Polyether ether ketone is a common plastic that is easily-machined and used for its insulating properties. We have made medical parts from PEEK.


derlin plastic for precision parts

The best machining plastic material, delrin is tough and used for gears and other industrial applications.