Precision in Medical Components

Micro Medical Components

Nowhere is precision more critical than in medicine.  MPC has been successfully serving the medical industry for decades and continues to grow.

Our components can be found in such fields as:

  • Dentistry Tools & Orthodontics
  • hearing aids,
  • Cardiovascular & Angiographic instruments,
  • Microsurgical equipment
  • Ophthalmological surgical instruments
  • Regulators & Disposable equipment
Micro Medical Components

The high levels of precision and quality required by clients in medicine are our bread and butter; their demanding and critical needs are exactly those that MPC was created to fill.
We machine parts to the most stringent of precision requirements out of even the most difficult of materials, like medical-grade titanium, stainless steels (303, 304, 316 316LVM).  We also machine brasses and plastics for use in regulators or disposable equipment.

In the past, MPC has supplied our clients with

  • screws for use in hearing aids
  • collets, pins, and needles for surgical equipment
  • dental burs used in drills
  • cannulas found in surgical apparatus
  • valves for regulators.

Whether your part needs to last for one use or for decades, MPC has the capability to meet the strictest of requirements.   We love working with clients in the medical industry since we share common goals - precision, quality, and efficiency.

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