Precision Parts Made From Brass

An alloy of copper and zinc, brass is one of the easiest materials to machine and is known for its durability and cost-effectiveness. It is ideal for parts like valves, bearings, gears, and other mechanical components thanks to its corrosion-resistance and low friction.

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Examples of Brass for Precision Parts

360 Free-Cutting

brass for precision parts

Beloved by machinists, MPC has a long history of making high precision machine parts from this ubiquitous brass alloy. The most machinable of all the copper alloys, 360 also provides excellent strength and corrosion resistance. 360 is particularly well-suited to knurling, crimping and other similar processes. We make parts for medical, automotive, instrumentation, and aerospace industries from 360 brass.


brass for precision parts

Another free-machining brass, 353 is also known as “engraver’s brass” and is perfect for applications that require threading or knurling.


brass for precision parts

Very similar to 360 but with less lead, 385 is also excellent to machine and is also used in a variety of industries.

Cartridge Brass

brass for precision parts

So-named because this is the brass used for ammunition cartridges, 260 is also used in a wide variety of mechanical applications, especially for valves, electronics, and even musical instruments. 260 is not usually machined but rather cold-formed.


bronze for precision parts

An environmentally-friendly alloy, bismuth bronze contains bismuth instead of lead. It is often used to make bearings and other parts for marine or underwater applications. Bismuth bronze also polishes brighter than regular brass and is more heat-conductive.