Bearings, Lappings & Centerless Grinding for Precision Parts

While Micro Precision Components is known for machining high precision micro parts with the tightest of tolerances complete on the machine (+/- .0002”), sometimes an additional process is needed to get the length or outside diameter of the machined micro part to the next level of high precision.

Our proprietary precision part bearing machining, precision lapping machining and centerless grinding processes for micro parts can provide the most demanding applications with high performance tight tolerance components. Improve the performance of your micro part with our high precision rollers, bearings or shafts.

  • Guarantee lengths to .00002” (20 micro inches) and diameters to .000003” (3 microinches or 3 millionths of an inch!). 
  • Even tighter tolerances can be had with an automatic secondary sort operation.
  • Get extreme Surface Finish of 2 microinches (.000002”) or better!
  • Get a customized profile with our grinding process to create precisely what your application needs!

If you have any micro part requiring a high surface finish or extremely tight tolerance, at Micro Precision Components we can economically meet those objectives with superior quality through precision lapping and grinding. Micro parts with flat or cylindrical surfaces can be lapped to precise requirements for size, straightness, roundness, concentricity and finish with total tolerances of .0001” to .0002” measured and inspected with equipment reliably capable of measuring to the millionths of an inch (microns).

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“We assisted an aerospace customer in reducing costs and improving precision and performance by developing a special lapping and grinding process that provides extremely tight tolerances on highly polished finishes (4 microinch or better) with uniquely contoured machined shapes not typically produced by screw machines.”

- "Proprietary Processes in Micro Precision Machining" Case Study