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Recently, Micro Precision Components has expanded our capability in high-volume production by widening the diversity of part geometries and applications that we can produce in large series (100,000 pieces up to millions per year). High-volume production has always been MPC’s core strength; review below our offerings in this area.

Micro Applications

MPC can make high-volume precision parts for almost any application. Some that we’ve recently added relevant capacity for include:

  • Electronic connectors and terminals
  • Dental burs
  • Complex medical components, including implantables
  • Watch components
  • Jewel assemblies

Micro Tolerances

As always, MPC parts are gems. We can meet tolerances down to 0.0001” on some dimensions, and 0.0005” on most.

Micro Finish 

With proprietary lapping and grinding processes, MPC can produce parts with surface finishes up to 2 microinches, diameter tolerances to 3 microinches, and lengths to 20 microinches!

Micro Size

From the tiniest components of 0.01” diameter all the way up to parts of well over an inch in diameter, MPC’s dedication to quality and excellence in machining is the same.

More than Micro

MPC now offers assembly and other services that go beyond machining. We have clean room capacity for some parts, automated sorting, automated assembly, laser etching and more.

Macro Volume

From prototype runs to millions of pieces, MPC has the machining capacity for your part. Our array of machine options include:

  • Cam-driven Swiss machines (fast production of simple to moderately-complex parts)
  • CNC Swiss machines (complex parts)
  • Multi-spindle CNC (complexity and high-volume)
  • Escomatics (fast production of shafts and pins with no cut-off burr)

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