Precision Tolerances Go “EXTREME” with Micro Precision’s Lapping & Grinding Capabilities While we are known for machining the…  read more →

Multi Spindle Capacity!

DiametersUp to .875” (7/8”) Drill,Tap, Broach, Knurl, Thread, Slot, Stamp and more! Tolerances:Up to .0006” on select diameters Want…  read more →

Micro Precision’s Featured Part: Housing Swivel

Name: Housing SwivelMaterial: 303 Stainless steelIndustry: Dental/Orthodontics What makes it Micro? Deceptively Simple! Multiple…  read more →

Happy Holidays from Micro Precision Components!

The MPC Elves have been very busy this year, creating our winter wonderland of high precision parts! Look closely – these…  read more →

Micro Precision’s Featured Part: Needle Valve

Name: Needle ValveMaterial: Sandvik 20AP steelIndustry: High performance automotive racing products What makes it Micro?…  read more →

Micro Precision Achieves ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certification

Although our systems have been ISO compliant since 1995, we are now certified so you can be assured of receiving superior quality…  read more →

Try Micro Precision for all your milling requirements

Now Make it Micro…. Milling!   Have a part with unique features? Besides our "typical" high precision Swiss screw machine capabilities,…  read more →

Less Really Is More!

Less IS More! Yes, you can get tighter tolerances and improved performance and cost savings! Awhile back we posted some information on about achieving…  read more →

Moving Little “Anchors”

Moving is rarely fun, but I always look at it as a chance at renewal and growth. Moving a business though, is an entirely different animal! As with…  read more →

Craftsmanship Still Rules the High Precision Machining World

"Hans" was always trying to outdo "Jacques", his friendly neighborhood competitor in high precision machining, by doing the seemingly impossible. They…  read more →

Is Free Machining Really Free?

Unfortunately "free machining" isn't an offer for free precision parts, but a term often used to describe "machine friendly material". However, the…  read more →

Five Things You Need to Know About Micro

We occasionally send out email updates to our customers to let them know about our latest capabilities and services. Below is our most recent email…  read more →