Capability Overview

Our machines aren’t just Swiss-style, but many are located in the birthplace of high-precision machining, Switzerland. From some of the earliest high-precision, cam-driven Tornos machines to the latest CNC machines, we have hundreds of Swiss machines capable of producing parts from virtually any material in a wide variety of sizes, from truly sub-miniature diameters up to five inches or more.

Here are just some of the machines we use:

  • Single-spindle, cam-driven Tornos - these are the original Swiss high-precision screw machines
  • Tornos CNCs – the modern equivalent
    • We are one of the first to have a Tornos Deco 2000, a 12-axis CNC machine
  • Citizen CNCs
  • Tsugami CNCs
  • Escomatic CNCs
    • D2 for up to 2” diameter
    • D5 for up to 5”
    • And D6 for up to 6”
  • Cam-driven Escomatics for more simple yet high precision components with no cut off burr.  Most cost effective at high-volume.
  • A variety of customized, proprietary high-volume and high-speed Cam-driven machines for connectors, pins and other high volume electronic components

Our services include Knurling, Drilling, Tapping, Threading, Slotting, and Crimping.

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