Micro and Non-Micro Precision Machining

From micro precision machining to high precision multi spindle production, Micro Precision Components matches the machine to your high precision component's specific requirements optimizing cost effectiveness and maximizing quality! While we specialize in micro components, we also produce high precision, tight tolerance larger parts up to 2.55" in diameter.

  • From low to high volume (5 pcs to millions)
* CNC Machines
  • Diameters from .010” to 2.55”
* Multi Spindle Machines
  • Tolerances of +/- .0001”
* Single Spindle Cams & Escomatics
  • Threading, Knurling, Polishing, Slotting/Crimping
 * Milling Machines -3,4,5 axis

Have a really unique precision requirement?  Micro Precision Components can adapt or even build a machine to make your specific micro or non-micro part in high volumes. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of quality and satisfaction - learn more about our quality assurance process.


Our Precision Machining Capabilities

Our machines aren’t just Swiss-style, but many are located in the birthplace of high-precision machining, Switzerland. From some of the earliest high-precision, cam-driven Tornos machines to the latest CNC machines, we have hundreds of Swiss machines capable of producing parts from virtually any material in a wide variety of sizes, from truly sub-miniature diameters up to five inches or more.


Swiss Screw Machining Services

Our micro precision machined parts clearly demonstrate our ability to machine complex micro components in a size range nearly invisible to the naked eye. Like our name says, we specialize in machining miniature, precision micro components from both free machining and non-free machining materials. Our Swiss screw machining capabilities allow us to provide high quality precision turned parts. The more complex and critically toleranced the micro component is, the more cost effective solutions we can provide you. 

Micro Precision Machining Services

precision micro components

For high-volume orders with exacting criteria, we use multi-spindle CNC and Cam machines that can handle complex, challenging parts at a faster rate than single-spindle machines.

Multi-Spindle Precision CNC Machining Services

precision turned parts

We maximize precision and speed for a higher quality product at a cost savings. Our high precision machining services include micro tolerances Swiss machined parts, precision deep hole drilled machined parts, complex geometry & large diameter Swiss and non-Swiss screw machining, threaded machine parts, and slotted & crimped machined parts. 

High Precision Machining Services

precision turned parts

Micro Precision takes pride in our ability to machine precision turned parts with extremely tight tolerances complete on the machine in one operation. However, some components - both micro and larger - require an even higher level of precision demanding our specialized high precision lapping, rolling and centerless grinding capabilities.

View These Precision Machining Services

Bearings, Lappings, and Centerless Grinding on parts

High Surface - Smooth Finish for Precision Machined Parts

Our high precision Swiss screw machining equipment requires no costly secondary operations to achieve superior mirror-like finishes. We routinely produce parts with surface finish requirements of 4-8 micro inches complete on the Swiss screw machine, often using only standard tooling depending on the material. We use tumble polishing to further give the part a superfine finish, when necessary.

High Surface Smooth Finishing Services

High Surface - Smooth Finish on Precision Parts