Cam Single Spindle Precision Machining

Cam Precision Machining Services

Our cam-driven precision machining services offer cost saving solutions for high volume precision parts.

We utilize cam machines designed to produce the highest quality part per your design and requirements.

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CAM Single Spindle component

Cam Driven Single Spindle Machining

Cost effective for tight tolerance, small precision parts in low to high volumes. Often used for medical or electronics components. Details:

  • Capable of extremely tight tolerances of +/-0 .0001” or better
  • Machine diameters .001” or larger
  • Turned diameter tolerances of +/-.0001” or better -complete on machine
  • Surface Finishes of 2 √ or better
  • Deep Hole Drilling ratio 13:1
  • Brasses, stainless steels, Delrin, Peek, 17-4Ph and more
Single Spindle Cam Machine

Proprietary High-Volume, High-Speed Cam Machines

MPC has access to customized cam machines designed to get the best intersection of precision, volume, and production speed. This is a cost effective precision machining solution that is ideal for high volume machining of precision parts. Often used for electronics components. Details:

  • Capable of 60,000,000 weekly of high precision, consistent high-quality components
  • All brasses and some stainless steels

Cam Driven Escomatic 

This machine uses coil stock (wire feed). The tools spin around the material feed and there is a burr-free cut off. This machine is used for small to high volume part production. Details:

  • .012” - .236” diameters
  • 2” max length
  • Surface Finishes of 2 √ or better
  • Tolerances of .0002” depending on material and part specification
  • Steels, brasses, titanium, palladium, phynox

High Surface Finishing Available

We offer high surface finishing for parts that require a mirror-like finish.