Electronics & Communications Equipment Micro Components Machining


Precision Machined Components for the Electronics and Communications Industries

We have been providing the electronics and communications industries with micro precision components for over 20 years. Examples of these micro prats include solder cups, connectors, pins, needles, plungers, spacers, standoffs, fine threaded screws and other micro parts for electronic equipment made from beryllium copper, brasses and even tougher materials such as Inconel and Kovar!  Slotting & crimping, deep hole drilling, all done complete on the machine!

What our customers in the electronics and communications industries are saying:

“Precision deep hole drilling is often required when making a tight tolerance electronic connector that delivers ever increasing levels of performance. ... we developed a proven drilling system that machines very small diameter holes in micro parts 25 times longer than the outside diameter of the part - all while holding tolerances of +/- .0001...” Read more...


View sample micro parts we've completed for the electronic/communication equipment industry: