Micro Precision Machining

Micro is in our name for a reason. Between our single-spindle, multi-spindle, and CNC lathes we are able to produce just about any micro machined part to extremely tight tolerances – 0.0001” – regardless of geometric complexity or any secondary processes.

Turned diameters of .005” +/- .0001”

Drilling inside diameters with tolerance of +/- .0001”

Deep Hole Drilling 13:1 ratio

Plating – Our plating specialists are highly experienced in handling these micro size precision components!

Our micro size machining craftsmen truly know the art of micro machining and get the absolute most of out of the machine possible with a high production rate that allow us to be cost effective even at these tight tolerances.

Micro Precision Components' micro components can be found in numerous products in a number of different industries including aerospace precision machining and medical components. Below are some examples of the micro machined components we most often work with:

  • Plungers and Probes used in Electrical Testing Apparatus
  • Contacts, Washers, and Pins found in Electrical Switches, Relays & Regulators
  • Connectors, Contacts and Pins for Electronic Connectors
  • Hinge Pins & Standoffs for Medical Industry
  • Spacers & Bushings in Optics Field

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High Surface Finishing Available

We offer high surface finishing for parts that require a mirror-like finish.


See a Selection of Micro Precision Parts we Have Completed: