Our precision machined parts can be found within numerous industries. Below are some of the markets we more commonly work with. Contact us to find out if our precision machining services would be a good fit for your needs.


Specialty screw, collets, nozzles, spacers, shafts and more from all types of medical grade metals such as titanium and 316/304 stainless steel.  Our parts are found in hearing aids, orthodontics, medical apparatus and surgical appliances as well as many other medical related industries.


We produce rollers, bearings, shafts, terminal, bushings, barb fittings, inserts, valve nozzles, and others from carbide, stainless steels, brasses and plastics.  Our extremely high surface finishes and tight tolerance capabilities are a perfect fit for parts found in braking and suspension systems, fuel injection modules, and fuel pump assemblies.

“One of our automotive customers sought to reduce the overall noise level of their product in cars. MPC worked closely with the engineering staff to develop several versions of our precision automotive part to reduce vibration and noise...” Read more...

Electronic/Communication Equipment

Solder cups, connectors, pins, needles, plungers, spacers, standoffs, fine threaded screws and others from beryllium copper, brasses and even tougher materials such as Inconel and Kovar!  Slotting & crimping, deep hole drilling, all done complete on the machine!

“Precision deep hole drilling is often required when making a tight tolerance electronic connector that delivers ever increasing levels of performance. ... we developed a proven drilling system that machines very small diameter holes 25 times longer than the outside diameter of the part - all while holding tolerances of +/- .0001...” Read more...



Shafts, pins, fluid and air valve components, washers, sleeves, specialty nuts, thumbscrews and terminals, complex geometry, threading and knurling all done complete on the machine.


Housings, Poppet Valves, throttle shafts, pins, and screws from corrosion resistant materials such as 440C and others.

“We assisted an aerospace customer in reducing costs and improving precision and performance by developing a special lapping and grinding process that provides extremely tight tolerances on highly polished finishes...” Read more...