Markets for Precision Machined Parts

Micro Precision Components' precision machined parts can be found within numerous industries. Following are some of the markets we more commonly work with. Contact us to find out if our high precision machining services would be a good fit for your needs.

Aerospace Machined Parts

Aerospace Precision Machining

High precision machined parts are a must for the aerospace industry to ensure the ultimate in performance. Often these precision parts must be machined from corrosion resistant material for the highest quality component.

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automotive precision parts

Automotive Precision Parts

We produce a wide variety of micro parts for use in the automotive industry. Our extremely high surface finish and tight tolerance capabilities in precision machined parts are a perfect fit for the automotive industry.

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Micro Precision Parts for the Medical and Dental Industries

Medical & Dental Precision Components

From specialty screws to shafts, our precision components can be found in a wide variety of medical and dental instruments.

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precision components for gauges and instrumentation

Precision Machined Components for Gauges & Instrumentation

Precision machined components for gauges and other instrumentation often require complex geometry, knurling and threading. Fluid and air valve components, washers, and sleeves are just a few of the types of micro precision components we've machined for customers. 

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Micro Precision Parts for Electronic Equipment

Micro Components Machining for Electronics & Communications Equipment

High precision micro machined parts are essential to electronics and communications equipment. From connectors to pins, threaded screws and much more, we can provide a wide variety of precision micro components.  

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