High Surface Finishing for Precision Parts

High surface finish requirements - that give parts a mirror-like finish - for precision components are not only important for cosmetic reasons, it can also be critical for applications such as fuel systems for the aerospace and automotive industries, hydraulic and mechanical applications in the medical field, and high resolution optical equipment.

Micro Precision Components can produce superior smooth finishes on micro components or larger precision turned parts complete on the machine.  A 16 micro-inch finish is routine for us - 4-8 micro-inches can easily be achieved just by selecting the specific tools.  By adhering to our “complete on the machine” philosophy, we provide cost savings all while providing our customers with superior, consistent quality in their machined parts. 

Many of our high precision components and micro parts, such as tight tolerance shafts, spindles or rollers require superfine finished surfaces so that their product performs flawlessly as well as efficiently.

High Surface Finish for Precision Machined Parts
Smooth Finish Measurements for Precision Machined Parts

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Need something with an even better smooth finish?  Our lapping and grinding capabilities for precision parts take surface finish to the “next level”, while still maintaining cost savings!


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