Five Things You Need to Know About Micro

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Five Things You Need to Know About Micro!

Materials: Stainless steels, brasses, steels, titanium, brasses, Be/Cu, Plastics and more on Citizens, Stars, Brown & Sharpes, Esco and Cam– just ask!
Industries Served: We meet the needs of the most demanding industries including aerospace, medical, dental, electronic, telecommunications, automotive and gauging/instrumentation.
Capabilities: Standard to tight tolerances (+/- .0001”), Critical surface finish, Complex Geometry, Knurling, Threading and More! Diameters from .008" to 1.25". Most parts made complete on the machine to save you time and money!
Responsiveness: Call and talk to us today! Micro takes customer service to a whole new level with personal attention to every order. If you have one part or many with us, we manage your account so that you don’t have to!
Optional Stocking Program: Take advantage of volume pricing without having to take them all at once. We work with you to create a schedule that fits YOUR needs!


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