Moving Little “Anchors”

Moving is rarely fun, but I always look at it as a chance at renewal and growth. Moving a business though, is an entirely different animal! As with any other real estate closing, it never happens when you want it to and the best laid plans don't mean much. Our delay had us moving in while some major remodeling was just beginning. We never stopped conducting business and hopefully, our customers did not notice too much inconvenience.

Renovations are still taking place, but things are really beginning to come together. We are still moving and re-moving files, shelving and boxes of our Swiss screw machine parts to allow for some final electrical/carpentry/painting work in our warehouse. Sometimes you can forget that those small, tight tolerance components can really start to add up to some significant weight when packed in a box (no matter how small!). Our first UPS man who had never had a machine shop on his route called our packages "little anchors" and that's exactly what they are!

After 10 years at our old rented location, it was time to move into our "own" space. We have 2 floors – one dedicated to our sales/customer service offices and the bottom floor for warehousing and our Quality Assurance department and, of course, lots of archives. This move has allowed us to take a new look at things – we've lightened ourselves considerably by getting rid of things we didn’t use and are keeping our eye out for things that can make us more efficient and better able to serve our customers.


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