Precision Parts Made From Specialty Alloys

We work with a number of different specialty alloys. Following is a list of some of the more common specialty alloys we machine, but we can work with most any material. If it can be machined, we can machine it!

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Examples of Specialty Alloys for Precision Parts


kovar alloy for precision parts

Designed specifically for glass-to-metal applications, Kovar is a nickel-cobalt alloy. It expands with heat at the same rate as glass and chemically bonds with it. Used in hermetic seals, diodes, microwave tubes, etc.


ARCAP alloy for precision parts

A copper-nickel-zinc alloy used for its high corrosion resistance and resistance to hard water scaling.


nitralloy for precision parts

A family of steel alloys made specifically to undergo the nitriding hardness process without getting distorted. These alloys are strong, hard, and corrosion-resistant.


iconel alloy for precision parts

A family of nickel-chromium used in extremely challenging environments. Inconel is resistant to heat, pressure, corrosion, and oxidation. It is most often found in aerospace and automotive applications.